Sonoma County Backroad Challenge

The Sonoma County Backroad Challenge is an annual fundraising project of the Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise. With 40+ members, they have demonstrated what a small club can do with determination and commitment.


More than just a bike race, this cycling event and beer festival is a Rotary-sponsored soiree that provides a unique experience to riders and joyous mirth to all who attend, with the added benefit of raising proceeds for charity. To kick start the event early, the coordinators hired LINK Creative to bring the web presence into high gear before the rubber meets the road.


Who is our audience? This is a basic question to ask when it comes to web marketing, and a central concept behind the design of the Backroad site. With plenty of overlap, our core audience was divided into roughly two categories: cyclists and attendees. Obviously, the homepage should be a jumpoff for both, so we provided upfront links explaining who is putting on what type of event, and provided concise links to more information for either type of visitor to follow. For any mass gathering, the more information the better. We mapped and described the routes for cyclists, food and spirit information for visiting attendees, and provided site access to the sign up database for both racers and prospective volunteers. To further categorize less relevant however still useful information, we grouped ancillary content into a resources page and provided images of the rolling vistas of the locale to which the attendees can look forward.